BSM Group

African Housing Projects

The housing dilemma on the African continent is one of continuing concern for everyone. The BSM group, through the combined skills of it’s member companies, provides the total town and village development and construction service. The end result of which is not merely houses but a complete living environment.

Whether your need is for urgent affordable housing, turning your own land into a profitable housing investment or the requirement of affordable housing for staff retention, contact the BSM Group for cost-effective, top quality, bulk housing solutions.

“Fast Build” Construction System

Time is money. 9 months to build a house, using conventional construction and development methods is not cost effective. Using the Spirit of Africa system, set up on multiple housing projects, up to 150 homes a month can be constructed. Using local labour this acts as a two fold solution, providing affordable housing as well as much needed work.

Government Housing in Africa

A large portion of the African population is deprived of the basic need of suitable, quality shelter. This is a problem that governments have been hard-pressed to solve due to the variety of logistical problems involved in the provision of bulk, affordable housing.

Governments in Africa face two distinct challenges:

  • Providing affordable housing for government employees as part of staff retention;
  • The facilitation of bulk housing for the vast number of people living in sub-standard housing, as well as those living in extreme high density urban areas.

This is the reason the BSM Group provides more than just houses. By developing complete living environments using our “fast build” construction system, we provide fast, affordable housing, as well as developing the infrastructure to support it.